In the past, JPSI has worked for ESA in Toulouse (France) and works now for ESA in Noordwijk (the Netherlands).
JPSI works at the ESTEC Center for the Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity (MSM) Directorate (Projects: ISS, COF, ATV, etc.).
The project control activities performed by JPSI are based on the Integrated Project Control Database (IPCDB) Information System. Our on-site project control team is composed of Project Controllers, Operators, and Database Administrators.


IPCDB Project

The main following activities performed by JPSI are based on the Integrated Project Control Database (IPCDB) Information System.
This information system is the Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity (MSM) directorate's central tool for controlling its financial data. This system is also connected to the ESA main financial systems: EFSY and SYSTRI.
• Project Control Assistance: management and control with IPCDB of the main MSM programmes;
• Database Administration: Oracle 10g administration and tuning; end-users support, i.e. project controllers and project analysts; improvement of IPCDB, e.g. connection with AWARDS or SYSTRI-2;
• Data Warehouse Administration: administration of BusinessObjects; production of new reports;
• Deployment and Training: extension of the deployment of IPCDB, and training of the new end-users.

Schedule Control

Schedule Controllers from JPSI are focal points at activity level.
• They assure relation with all partners, ESA and Industrials.
• They work closely with engineers to have a realistic view of the project status.
• Using professional softwares, they present to the project manager, a synthetic and clear view of the project .
• They warn the project manager if problem occurs or will occur in relation with the planning.

• Microsoft project planning
• Primavera
• Excel (Trend-charts)

Documentation Management

The Documentation Manager is the memory of the project.

All reports, minutes of meeting, presentations are archived by the documentation manager. The paper versions are converted in electronic version and added onto the intranet. Each authorised collaborator can access any archived document from its own computer.