Systems building

Client/Server, n-tiers (CORBA, RMI,...), Internet

Databases : Setup and Administration

Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL


Delphi, C++, C, Java, Visual Basic, SQL, XML, HTML, SGML


UML (Unified Modeling Language), Merise


JPSI develops many projects based on different architectures. Here above are the latests projects.


Mainly on Oracle products: Database server v.9i and 10g, developer tools (Designer, Developer, Reporter, etc.). This experience is due to our colleagues and everyday maintenance tasks performed on IPCDB system (RDBMS Oracle 10g):
• Administration
• Setup
• Code enhancement (SQL scripts, PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers, etc...) : bug-tracking and new functions.


JPSI gives reports to the users of the European Space Agency, provided with Business Objects.With GPMIS, JPSI defines standard reports, or customized by the users.JPSI is working on IPCDB improvements, with the goal to make it more powerful and user-friendly.


• Development of the web version based on Java/XML plugged with an object oriented relational database (Postgres).

• Applications development:
-Visual Basic (Risk analysis,…)
-Centura Developer (Fox Pro interface - Oracle)
-Low level language.