IPCDB (Integrated Project Control database)

IPCDB is the tool developed for ESA, used by project controllers.

With a great user interface being developped in object language and an engine running one of the best DBMS of the world (Oracle), IPCDB has proven its ability to fit on all the various demands for the services which decided to use it.

IPCDB makes the synthesis of all data available from the different “corporate“ tools used at ESA with an automated integration of most of data sources. It links these whole elements:
• Product Tree, Contracts, Industrials, Work Orders
• Work Beakdown Structure, Work Packages, commitment lines, risks
• Geo return, weighting factor, payment plans, invoices

Offering a powerful relationnal database scheme, IPCDB provides:
• increased waranty of data integrity using many constraint rules in the database engine itself.
• extensive reporting facilty. Using great tools as Business Objects, there is no limit to queries but your mind.