GPMIS (Generic Project Management Information System)

Get the right information at the right time!
JPSI integrates its experience of Information System, Knowledge Management, Project Control and Software Quality Assurance activity domains in the development of a generic information system dedicated to the project management.

With this system you can manage the main objects of any projects: project definitions, personal activities, documents, meetings, actions, reviews, problems, user requirements, etc.. With our information system your project team will get the right information at the right time.

GPMIS includes the following aspects:

• Project Control (activity, schedule, budget, etc.),
• Configuration Management (product decomposition with version, software problem, evolutions, etc.),
• Quality Assurance,
• Knowledge Management.

This information system is generic, as before to be used for a project, the database must be configured to manage information specific to the project.
At the present time, our project control team at ESA for the IPCDB project control assistance uses the first version of GPMIS.
The current version of GPMIS is based on client/server architecture. The next release of GPMIS, in the design phase, will be based on a secure web-based N-Tier architecture, i.e. a database server - application server (distributed objects) - client objects.

For more details about GPMIS, contact us.